Artist in Residence at de Lievelinge

A response to surrounding, with Butoh dancers Margarita and Yi.

A collaboration between Butoh dancers Margarita (Taiwan), Yi (China) and Droomdata during artist in Residency at de Lievelinge in June 2019.
Butoh is a form of dance/theater/expression that was created in Japan after world war two. It is an art that is associated with pain, taboes and expression, however multi-interpreted across the world and through the ages. Dancer Margarita and Yi both studied the art of Butoh performance and have been traveling and performing their craft. Butoh is a performance that is felt by the viewer, where expression through the body takes hold.

We questioned how place and surrounding holds memory for us, and therefore, parts of who we are. We questioned how we relate, take responsibility for, and memorize places that once were part of our daily routine, and may now have transformed into distant places. How do we connect to place, and how does place connect to us?

The musical and DroomData elements of the live performance were build up by recorded and edited found sounds from in and around the Lievelinge. Thereafter layered with live vocals and synthesizer, attempting to create a melancholic whole to assist the dramatic, sensitive and powerful movements of the Butoh dancers.