Site specific installation PVC installation.

PVC is completely ‘human-made’, merely existing out of mined and processed materials. I am interested how the natural form and growth of the work contradicts with what is defined as nature, or human-nature.
The tubes grow around parts of the space that are usually not for display, PVC tubes are often hidden behind or in between walls. The work therefore gives shape to the negative or unseen spaces and materials, that are often part of our surrounding.



Shown at:
God save the Queen’  Centraal Museum, Utrecht ︎︎
The research and destroy department of black mountain college’  W139 Amsterdam︎︎
HKU Gradutation show’ Utrecht
Sensorium’ Red Gallery, Fringe Festival Melbourne︎︎
Group exhibition, Off the kerb, Melbourne

Curatorial essay written by Anna Briers for ‘Sensorium’ ︎︎