I am water,
Call me anything.

Mermaid, Zeemeermin., Ngalkunburyaymi
Pen, texter and ink on paper



Naakt met kleuren stift 1 & 2. Texter on paper


Metal Etchings. Ink on Cotton paper

Black and white Selfportraits. Pen and ink on paper

Untitled. Pen on paper

Chests. Ink on paper


Past, present, future? (Selfportrait) Pen on paper

Untitled. Pen on paper.

If the world is innocent
If nature in her stillness is free of guilt
Just flapping leaves and rusting rocks
Just crashing waves and smashing feelings

Who is to blame
Who carries guilt
For my sorrow
For the pain
That is in my heart instead of you

I wish I could blame
The innocent world,
The flapping leaves and eternal rocks
Smashing waves


Human. Pen on paper drawings

Pen on Paper drawings