Rpt. Esc. EP

By Cloud Sequence.

All songs are born from long lasting live improvisations on the Rpt. Esc. EP. Inspired by a field recording, a synth bass, vast desert landscapes, sensitive queer politics, bilingual poetry and all other things.
Thereafter carefully layed-out and puzzled. Edited and Deleted. Repeat. Escape.

Tumbling in an endless process, snapshots taken and released as these 5 tracks. Melancholic, dreamy, moody, electronic. Imaginative? Experimental?

All sounds and music on RPT. ESC. is live played and recorded by the artists, with all instruments played and mixing done by both Saar and Jez. A homestudio extravaganza.

Dedicated to the most fantastic Deedee Champagne and Duwartje, who both started and inspired this release from beginning to end.

Available on vinyl and PINK casette