Electronic. Synth wave. Music.

In collaboration with Sy Browne.

Metamorphosis πŸ¦‹

A collaborative piece between butoh performing duo Margarita (Taiwan), Yi (China) and musical duo Swallet; Sy (Tasmania) Saar (Netherlands), locals to Mparntua (Alice Springs).

An electronic live musical piece inspired by the vastness and aesthetics of Arrernte land in the Central Desert region. Red sand, abandoned car and ancient environment are interpreted in movement and in sound. A feeling, an observation of space and colour.

Swallet, Margarita and Yi have collaborated on a variety of locations and have been inspired by each others integrity in their craft. A piece that requires attention, to experience the interpretation of space created by the performers and musicians.

Filmed and edited by Stuart Liddell of Industrial Cuts & Crossfades, industrialcuts.com

Metamorphosis I
Metamorphosis II

Listen to the Metamorphosis track on spotify:  ξοΈŽξ‘οΈŽ

Distained EP
Released October 2018
Available on Bandcamp and all digital streaming platforms.

Live Electronic Immersive piece @ Red hot Arts, Central Australia.
Performing experimental electronic musical piece; Liminality.c(from the Latin word lΔ«men, meaning "a threshold") is the uncertain space between two phases, journeys, situations. It is not where you came from, nor where you are heading. It is the uncertain space where you have left something behind, yet you have not fully reached or entered it's next form.

WIth visuals by VJ Growlzzz.
Filmed and edited by Stuart Liddell and Juliana Menjura of Industrial Cuts & Crossfades, industrialcuts.com