Saar Amptmeijer

Visual and Sonic Art
Curator and Artsworker

Welcome to my website.

I am an artist, arts worker and long term visitor on stolen Arrernte land. Born in the Netherlands, I have worked and collaborated in different organisational structures, creative collaborations and collectives in Europe, the Northern Territory, and other parts of the continent known as ‘Australia’.

My creative research takes place in a range of mediums, in the realms of sonic and visual art. I am interested in ‘rhizome-like’ connections, seeking for intentionality in a world that’s high on over-connection. This complex space of inter-dependence and intimacy sparks my interest, exposing all the average and extraordinary things that I feel.
Through these lifelong fascinations; digital, phsyical, intimate and sometimes mystical, I approach my material, process and work. 

Currently I work as caretaker at the remote, however one of the longest standing artist run intiatives, Watch This Space in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. As an artsworker I am interested in re-thinking and dismantling how we organise ourselves and make decisions. I am interested in exploring genuine connections and decision making structures, as an anitdote to the limitations of institutions.