Cloud Sequence Music

Music. Electronic. Composition.
Experimental. Synth/Guitar. Poetry.

Saar Amptmeijer & Jez Conlon.

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Cloud Sequence works and creates on the stolen land of the Arrernte peoples.
Souvereignty was never ceded.

8ccc radio - Live stream and broadcast.
Live performance from the 8CCC Studio as part of 8CCC Local Connections, a series of 12 Live Streamed, Live Broadcast and Live Recorded performances featuring artists from Central Australia and The Barkly.

Track listing:
Carve Like Water
Venus In Furs (Velvet Underground)
Heimvee / Verwee

New Weird Australia
We are very proud to announce that we are part of the new amazing compilation of New Weird Australia ︎︎
New Weird Australia is a platform that through a variety of projects supports new, eclectic and experimental music in Australia.

'Solitary Wave' is a free 26-track compilation of new Australian music made, remade and reconsidered during a global pandemic. It's in two parts: 'Solitary Wave (Out)' is a ritual for the displacement of energy. 'Solitary Wave (In)' is for calming the fuck down.'

Cloud Sequence contribution is 'Zacht' on Solitary Wave. One of our more experimental songs, which blends and suits this compilation so well. 


Playlists by Cloud Sequence.
Isolater & Introversions, songs of contemplation.
Some soothing sonic comfort, when isolated from places, connected to others, carried by song.