Cloud Sequence Music

Cloud Sequence is Jez Conlon and Saar Amptmeijer.
Electronic, synth heavy, fluid.

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8ccc radio - Live stream and broadcast.
Live performance from the 8CCC Studio as part of 8CCC Local Connections, a series of 12 Live Streamed, Live Broadcast and Live Recorded performances featuring artists from Central Australia and The Barkly.

Track listing:
Carve Like Water
Venus In Furs (Velvet Underground)
Heimvee / Verwee


New Weird Australia

'Solitary Wave' is a free 26-track compilation of new Australian music made, remade and reconsidered during a global pandemic. It's in two parts: 'Solitary Wave (Out)' is a ritual for the displacement of energy. 'Solitary Wave (In)' is for calming the fuck down.'

Cloud Sequence contribution is 'Zacht'.